PhD students may enroll in a number of Master’s level courses and complete a research module for PhD students only. These courses have a suitable duration and level of specialization in the sense that they cover not only core courses in macro, micro and econometrics but also advanced field courses.

The built-in research module for PhD students can take many shapes and forms, but the idea is there should be research training content. For example, PhD students could be assigned to write a term paper, write referee reports on state of the art working papers or present and discuss state of the art working papers in class.

PhD students must take the exam in addition to doing the research module, and they will then be credited with 10 ECTS points. The research module will be assessed pass/fail.

Some PhD students may have taken one of the selected courses before enrolling in the PhD program but without participating in the research module. These students may attend the course again to do the research module alone and then be credited with 2.5 ECTS points.

To sign up for the courses, PhD students must show up at the first lecture and let the lecturer know about their enrollment in the research module. Within the normal course enrollment period 5+3 PhD students and 3+5 and 4+4 PhD students in their second part of their studies (i.e. with a Master’s degree) must also send an email to to register course title and course code.

3+5 or 4+4 students who have not been awarded the Master’s degree yet should sign up in the usual way through the administrative system like regular Master’s students. These students will be credited with 7.5 ECTS points towards their Master’s degree, while the 2.5 ECTS points for the research module will be credited towards their 30 ECTS point requirement in the second part of their PhD program.

All the available courses with research module can be seen in the course database.