PhD seminars, fall 2019

Once a week – usually on Wednesdays at 12:00 - the PhD students meet at a lunch seminar to present their work to each other. The PhD seminar is an informal forum where presentations are made of very preliminary and incomplete papers as well as of more complete papers. The format may vary. Usually the presenter has 30-35 minutes and the discussant 10 minutes with the seminar starting 12:15. Alternatively the seminar starts at 12:00 and the presenter has 45 min for the talk and the discussant 10 min. In other cases the seminars are organized as double headers, where two PhD students do 30 min presentations without discussion.

It is expected that all PhD students (external and internal students and visitors) attend the seminars. 

The seminars are held in the seminar room CSS 26.2.21. The preliminary plan looks like this:






Kasper Brandt

Bjørn Bjørnsson Meyer


Newcomers' session (Hanna Berkel, Emil Chrisander, Lars Harhoff Andersen, Emil Holst Partsch, Mathilde Lund Holm, Kristian U.O. Larsen, Malene C. Fuglsang, Joachim K. Rasmussen)



Janek Bligaard Eskildsen (45 min)

August Emil Twile-Nielsen


Gustav Agneman

Helge Zille


Rasmus Bisgaard Larsen (45 min)

Rasmus Kehlet Berg


Bjørn B. Meyer/Patrick K. Mogensen (45 min)

Nikolaj Nielsen


Fall break



Esben Scriver Andersen

Janek Bligaard Eskildsen


Nikolaj Nielsen

Esben Scriver Andersen


Esther Chevrot

Gustav Agneman


Mia Renee Herløv Jørgensen

Katrine Marie Tofthøj Jakobsen


Planning of next semester’s PhD seminars



Katrine Marie Tofthøj Jakobsen (45 min)

Mia Renee Herløv Jørgensen


Anna Kollerup Iversen

Ida Lykke Kristiansen


Rasmus Bisgaard Larsen (45 min)



Peter Eibye Bache, Thais Lærkholm
Jensen and Nick Fabrin Nielsen (60 min)