Research Ethics Committee at the Department of Economics

The Committee reviews whether a project is carried out in accordance with relevant national and international policies and guidelines on research ethics.

Ethical reviews are issued by the Committee for colleagues at the department who are responsible or has a major role in a project.


Start by reading Guidelines for researchers applying for approval of research projects at The Faculty of Social Sciences’ Research Ethics Committee, then fill out the word form Research Ethics Checklist, and finally attach relevant appendices.

We can also recommend reading the Guidelines for Research Ethics in the Social Sciences, Humanities, Law and Theology or Ethical Guidelines for Internet Research, The Norwegian National Research Ethics Committees, Oslo 2016.

You send your application for an ethical review to Joanna Hagstrøm using the e-mail address Joanna is the manager of the committee.

The application must be written in English.

The manager and chairman meets every Friday in uneven weeks and screens incoming applications and follows up on ongoing applications and questions. 

The committee meets every 3 months and applications will be processed at the forthcoming meeting. You can thus expect some months' processing time.

Application deadlines and meetings

Application deadline
Committee meeting
19 February 2024 26 February 2024
24 April 2024 3 May 2024