Katarina Juselius

Katarina Juselius

Professor emeritus

Medlem af:

     Born: 25.09.1943

    Academic position:

    Professor, Department of Economics, University of Copenhagen (Katarina.Juselius@econ.ku.dk)


    M.Econ.Sc. (Econometrics), Swedish School of Economics and Business Administration, Helsinki, 1970

    Lic.Econ.Sc. (Econometrics), Swedish School of Economics and Business Administration, Helsinki, 1979

    Dr.Econ.Sc. (Econometrics), Swedish School of Economics and Business Administration, Helsinki,  1983

    Longer Research visits:

    The Economics and Statistics Department at London School of Economics (1979, 6 måneder),

    The Institute of Economics at the University of Aarhus (1981, 6 måneder), 

    The Economics Department at the University of California, San Diego (1985, 2 måneder),

    The Economics Department at the University of California, San Diego (1989-90, 4 måneder),                        

    The Swedish School of Economics, Helsinki, Finland (1990-1991, 8 måneder),

    The Department of Statistics in the Faculties of Economics and Commerce, The Australian National University, Canberra, (1991, 2 måneder),

    The Economics Department, Bond University, Gold Coast, Australia (1993-4, 1 måned),

    European University Institute, Florence, Italy, 5 år, (1996-2001),           

    European Central Bank (2001, 2 måneder)

    The Economics Department, University of Rome, La Sapienza, (2011, 1 måned)

    Research projects (leader):

    Statistical methods in econometrics and their application to macroeconomic models, 1987-90

    Development of the multivariate cointegration model, 1989-91

    An econometric analysis of monetary phenomena in the Nordic countries, 1990-92

    Macroeconomic transmission mechanisms in the Nordic countries. Empirical applications and econometric methods, 1997-98

    Macroeconomic transmission mechanisms in Europe. Empirical applications and econometric methods, 1999-2002

    Imperfect Knowledge, Structural Change, the PPP puzzle, the Long Swings Puzzle and the Exchange Rate Disconnect Puzzle, 2003-05

    The Copenhagen INET Centre for Imperfect Knowledge Economics Research, 2012-

    Editorial boards

    Journal of Forecasting (1983-85)                

    International Journal of Forecasting (1985-90)

    Journal of Business and Economics Statistics (1993-98)

    Journal of Economic Methodology (2003-

    Economics–The Open-Access, Open-Assessment E-Journal (Guest editor 2008-9)


    Journal of Business and Economics Statistics, Empirical Economics, The Energy Journal, Journal of Empirical Finance, The Journal of Regional Sciences, European Economic Review, the Econometrics Journal, Scandinavian Economic Journal, Journal of  Applied Econometrics,  Oxford Bulletin of Economics and    Statistics, Journal of  Econometrics, Journal of Comparative Analysis, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, International Economics and Finance Journal, etc.

    Post graduate courses:

    Ph.D courses in several European countries (6 times)

    Summer School in the Cointegrated VAR model: Methodology and Applications (9 times, ca 300 participants from all over the world), main organiser, teacher and supervisor.

    Ph.d course in Cape Town, South Africa, May 2008-03-02 (25 participants)

    Training course for central bankers, Cambridge, September 2009

    Ph.D course in Bogota, Colombia January 2010 (72 participants)

    Summer School on 'Macroeconomics and Financial Crises' Trento, July 2010

    PhD course on I(2) analysis in Sandbjerg, Denmark

    PhD course in University of Rome, The Ainardi Institute, November 2011

    Ph.D supervision since 2005:

    Christin Kyrme Tuxen (defended 2009)

    Niels Framroze Møller (defended 2009)

    Morten Nyboe Tabor (defended 2013)

    Fishea Haile Gebregziaber (since 2011)

    Member of research councils and committees:

    Member of the Danish Social Sciences Research Council, 1995-98

    Member of the Program Committee of the Econometric Society Meeting, 2003

    Member of the EuroCore and the Forward Look program of the European Science Foundation, 2006

    Chair person of the EuroCore and Forward Look program of the European Science Foundation, 2007

    Assessor of 6 research proposals for the UK Economic Research Council

    Member of the organization and planning committee for the Dahlem conference on ‘Mathematics and Social Entities’ Berlin, 2008

    Assessment committees:

    Member of an evaluation committee for a professorship at the European University Institute, University of Skøvde, University of Norway, the Kiel Institute of Economics.


    Member of Ph.D. committees:

    European University Institute (3 times)

    University of Southampton, UK

    Jaume I University, Spain,

    University of Oslo,

    University of Lund,

    University of Skøvde.

    University of Trondheim


    Consultancy tasks:

    European Central Bank

    Swiss National Bank

    Dong Energy


    Ranked nr 8 among the most cited economists in the world in 1990-2000

    Journal paper 2007-4 ranked 9th of the most downloaded papers in Economics–The Open-Access, Open-Assessment E-Journal

    Member of the Royal Society of Sciences since 2012

    Awarded “Riddarkorset” in 2011


    ID: 10140