Workshop on Financial Transaction Taxes

In recent years, some European countries have implemented a small tax on trades in stock markets, and more countries may follow suit. This workshop features ongoing research on topics connected to such a tax on financial transactions. Combining insights from economics and finance, some presentations draw on the economics of taxation, while other presentations relate to financial market microstructure, with its focus on market frictions and design. Further relevant contributions can be included in the workshop.

Joint keynote speakers are Bruno Biais of HEC Paris and Jean-Charles Rochet of the University of Zurich.

The workshop organizer is Peter Norman Sørensen of the University of Copenhagen. The workshop takes place physically at the premises of the University of Copenhagen, with no opportunity for virtual participation.



The workshop takes place at Department of Economics in Building 26 and Building 35 at University of Copenhagen at Øster Farimagsgade 5, 1353 Copenhagen.

All sessions November 17th takes place in Building 26. Building 26 is closest to the campus entrance at Gammeltoftsgade 17, 1353 Copenhagen.

All sessions November 18th takes place in Building 35. Building 35 is closest to the campus entrance at Gammeltoftsgade 15, 1353 Copenhagen.