Tidligere Zeuthen Lectures

2023: Janet Currie (Princeton University): Child Health and Public Policy

2021: Henrik Kleven: Children and Gender Inequality

2018: Markus K. Brunnermeier: "The International Financial and Monetary Architecture"

2016: Oded Galor:"The Biogeographical Origins of the Wealth of Nations"

2014: Orazio Attanasio:"The Life Cycle Model of Individual Choices: A Unifying Framework"

2012: Daron Acemoglu: "Success and Failure of Nations"

2010: Jordi Galí: "Unemployment Fluctuations and Stabilization Policies: A New Keynesian Perspective"

2008:  Joel Slemrod: "Tax Systems"

2007:  Robert Feenstra: "New Product Varieties, the Terms of Trade, and the Measurement of Real GDP"

2006:  Tim Bollerslev: "Financial Market Volatility: From ARCH and GARCH to High-Frequency Data and Realized Volatilities"

2005:  Matthew Rabin: "An Economic Theorist Thinks about Paternalism"

2004:  Eric Maskin: "Auctions, Resource Allocation and Efficiency"

2003:  Richard Blundell: "Measuring and Modelling Consumer Behavior: What Can We Learn from Micro Data?"

2002:  Ernst Fehr: "The Behavioral Economics of Incentives"

2001:  Philippe Aghion: "Competition and Growth"

2000:  Dale T. Mortensen: "Why are Similar People Paid Differently?"

1999:  Maurice Obstfeld: "Understanding Currency Crises"

1998:  Torsten Persson and  Guido Tabellini: "Political Economics and Economic Policy"

1997:  David F. Hendry: "Economic Forecasting"

1996:  Ariel Rubinstein: "Modeling Bounded Rationality"