IZA/UCPH Workshop

“Evaluation of Labor Market Policies: New Data and New Approaches”

The workshop has the aim of facilitating the dialogue between policy makers, administrators and academics interested in new approaches in the design and evaluation of labor market policies. The workshop consists of both presentations and group discussions.

Please find link to the full program here on the IZA/UCPH Workshop

The workshop is a joint initiative by the Institute of Labor (IZA) in Bonn/Germany and The Center of Behavioral Economics and Labor Market Performance (BELP). The organizing team is Steffen Altmann (IZA and University of Copenhagen), Thomas Dohmen (University of Bonn and IZA), Bert van Landeghem (University of Sheffield and IZA), Robert Mahlstedt (University of Copenhagen and IZA), Alexander Sebald (University of Copenhagen).