15. december 2014

In December 2014 Professor Emeritus Niels Thygesen turned 80

On that occasion the Department of Economics at the University of Copenhagen hosted an international conference in his honour on Friday, 5 December. The general theme of the conference was:  FINANCING THE FUTURE  -  Challenges for Europe, China and an interdependent world.   The conference included sessions on three subthemes in which Niels Thygesen has been, still is – or is becoming - active: 1) The euro and financial integration in Europe, 2) Economic and financial reforms in China, and 3) New approaches in international finance.

The speakers at the conference included prominent scholars and senior past or present policy officials with whom Niels Thygesen has interacted in designing and monitoring the euro, in discussing Chinese reform prospects, and in reviewing, through the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET), advances in analyzing financial behaviour.

At the links below you will find the conference programme and slides from a number of presentations given at the conference.


00 Edmond Alphandéry
01 Lorenzo Bini Smaghi
02 Daniel Gros
03 Jun Zhang
04 Xiang Songzuo
05 Jørgen Elmeskov 
06 Claudio Borio
07 Roman Frydman
08 Philipp Hartmann
09 David Lando
10 Helene Rey
11 Jesper Berg
12 Niels Lynggård Hansen
13 Erik Nielsen
14 Claus Skrumsager
15 Torsten Slok