Econ Student Workshop Project Dignity

The Faculty of Social Sciences has initiated a cultural development program (Project Dignity), to ensure that we provide the best possible work and study environment. This means, for example, an environment free from sexual harassment.
This program will be implemented across all five of our departments and the Faculty Administration throughout 2021.

The workshop 28 September 2021 will give an introduction to Project Dignity. At the workshop participants will have the possibility to reflect and discuss the themes/issues that they find as the most relevant. The workshop will be a combination of group work and dialogue in order to create the possible solutions going forward.

Workshops are facilitated by external consultants Kåre Bach Kristiansen and Tine Lund Bretlau from the company White Cloud. They give you an unique possibility to influence your study environment by discussing norms under transition and share ideas on actions to be taken to ensure an academic environment that is unbiased and inclusive. Only consultants and students are present at the workshop.

Coffee, tea, water, fruit and cake will be served.