Econ Student Workshop Project Dignity ll

Project Dignity Econ Workshop

Let’s s shape the future study environment together

Have you as a student at the Economics programme experienced any kind of unwanted behaviour? At seminars? Parties? Friday bars?

Following the ongoing debate regarding lack of inclusion, discrimination, unacceptable behaviour, and sexual harassment, the Faculty of Social Sciences has initiated Project Dignity aiming at defining the framework for what is considered decent behaviour and a constructive and professional study and work environment.

It is now time for the second workshop for the students of Economics. It is not a prerequisite that you were a part of workshop 1. Everyone is welcome.

There will be served coffee, tea, cake, fruit and pizzas. Remember to sign up, so we know how much to order.


The workshop will start with an introduction to the project and a summary of the work so far. The work sessions will then be divided into two sections with a focus on the following three themes:

1) The tutor programme as well as the general introduction to the Economics programme.
2) Social events at the Economics programme (parties, Friday bar etc.)
3) Study life/environment – what culture/behaviour do we want at the Economics programme?

Section one will focus on creating a shared and common understanding of the problem at hand by exploring the challenges and critical issues.

Section two will focus on potential future initiatives that can create the desired change and create an inclusive and respectful culture. Participants will have the opportunity to propose initiatives and ideas that will ensure that no one will feel harassed, discriminated or excluded at the Department of Economics.


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The workshop will be conducted by the consulting firm White Cloud.

Everyone is deeply encouraged to take the time to engage in the project, as the outcome will influence the study environment ahead.