Økonomisk Eksploratorium #25 Inflation

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The highest inflation in 40 years  – historical perspectives and implications for economic policy

Inflation is at its highest in 40 years! What has caused this development? What are the perspectives for the future and what does it mean for economic policy-making nationally and globally? Join us for Økonomisk Eksploratorium #25 on Inflation, where Thomas Harr will be visiting us from the Danish Central Bank.

Thomas Harr is Chief Economist at the Danish Central Bank and head of Economics and Monetary Policy. Before joining the central bank in 2021, Thomas spent 16 years in investment banking in Singapore and most recently as Global Head of Research in Danske Bank.


Department of Economics arrange a couple of these events each semester in order to give students and other interested people a chance to get a glimpse of current economic research or topics.

It always takes place on the 3rd floor of Building 26 at Department of Economics, usually on Thursdays from 16-18, but this time on a Wednesday, and there is always lots of cake, coffee and tea.

Økonomisk Eksploratorium is open for everyone with an interest in economics.