URBAN Workshop 2018


University of Copenhagen
Department of Economics
Øster Farimagsgade 5
building 26, 2nd floor

Thursday December 13th

08:45     Coffee + croissant

09:00      Intra-Household Allocation of Commuting and the Gender Wage Gap 
               Maria Juul Hansen, Uni. of Copenhagen

09:45     A discrete-continuous model of car portfolio choice
              Anders Munk-Nielsen, Uni. of Copenhagen

10:30     Coffee + fruit    

11:00    A Dynamic Structural Equilibrium Model of Household Home and Job Location
             Bertel Schjerning, Uni. of Copenhagen

11:45     Quasi-experimental Evidence on Consumer Myopia in Vehicle Purchases
              Kenneth Gillingham, Yale University        

12:30     Lunch + coffee  

13:30     Travel time variability and rational inattention
              Mogens Fosgerau, Uni. of Copenhagen

 14:15     Fast semiparametric estimation of Markov Decision Processes
               Christer Persson, KTH


15:00     Coffee + fruit    

15:30     Wages and accessibility - evidence from Denmark
               Elias Stapput Knudsen, DTU


16:15     TBA       
               André de Palma, ENS Cachan

17:00     Pause   

18:20     Dinner