Økonomisk Eksploratorium #26 Population diversity and economic development

Graphic with pictures of speakers Pablo Selaya and Marc Klemp

From Bolivia to Belgium; From Texas to Tanzania – across the globe population diversity, social cohesion, political institutions, culture, and economic development and equality varies immensely. What are the roots of these differences? Pablo Selaya and Marc Klemp have both set their course trying to answer some of these huge and deep questions.

Pablo argues that cultural aspects, political institutions, and the way they affect each other over time, are essential to understand the process of economic development in the long-run.

“During this Økonomisk Eksploratorium I will illustrate how these aspects are incorporated in modern research on economic development and the political economy of less developed regions, and will share some results from current research projects in Bolivia and Tanzania”, he says.

Marc is part of a new line of research using genetic diversity in DNA as a deep proxy for population diversity. Why? Because new research shows that diversity significantly affects economic development. In fact, it explains a quarter of the variation in per-capita income across countries that cannot be attributed to other fundamental channels.

At this Økonomisk Eksploratorium Marc and Pablo present research on the topic of population diversity and economic development from different angles.

 Come join us for more knowledge on the roots of inequality.


Department of Economics arrange a couple of these events each semester in order to give students and other interested people a chance to get a glimpse of current economic research or topics.

It always takes place on the 3rd floor of Building 26 at Department of Economics, usually on Thursdays from 16-18, and there is always lots of cake, coffee and tea.

Økonomisk Eksploratorium is open for everyone with an interest in economics.