EduQuant seminar: Asmus Leth Olsen on Lived Experience with Public Services

EduQuant would like to invite you for our next seminar, where Asmus Leth Olsen will present his work on "Speaking from Lived Experience with Public Services".


We study the effect of citizens' lived experience with the public sector. While day-to-day experiences are intuitively consequential, evidence on public service attitudes focuses on information provision rather than information obtained through personal exposure.
We study lived experience with elementary schools: one of the most important, intense, and prolonged public sector exposures. By default, Danish pupils enroll in August in the year they turn six. We sample two cohorts of parents to children born around December 31 (N=4,019; 74% of Danish schools) and compare attitudes around the school enrollment discontinuity. Personal experience increases satisfaction with ones one district school and elementary schools in general (about 0.3 SDs). We also found robust and large effects on parents perceived contribution of teachers and the responsibility of pupils, parents, and teachers (around 0.3-0.4 SDs). We conclude that using a public service reveals new layers of governance for citizens which for outsiders often seems like just another part of the submerged state.

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