EduQuant seminar: Anna Piil Dam

EduQuant would like to invite you for our seminar, where Anna Piil Dam will present some of her work:

Longer School Schedules and Early Achievement of Dual Language Learners

We compare early achievement of dual language learners across two school settings: full-day schools versus magnet schools.

We study dual language learners who in the year of turning five lived in full-day or magnet school districts. Both types of school districts have high shares of dual language learners and relatively low employment rates, in particular full-day school districts. Pupils living in full-day and magnet school districts in the year they turn five are on average quite similar, which provide support to our identifying assumption of exogenous variation in the type of school district of residence in the year the child turns five. For the early cohorts in our data further exogenous variation in the type of school district of residence arises because most families have chosen their neighborhood of residence prior to the date of conversion of magnet schools into full-day schools and conversion of regular schools into magnet schools.

We find that living in a full-day school district neither affects academic achievement in reading or math nor the reported level of well-being in school. This suggests that the additional compensatory resources to full-day school and longer school schedules exactly compensates for the higher share of pupils from disadvantaged background.

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