5. februar 2016

The route to improved export for Danish companies

The Danish government’s business and growth policy is made to strengthen the framework conditions for the private sector and thereby strengthen growth and competitiveness. We have to ask, though: is Danish export supported in the best possible way? That is the question Jakob Roland Munch and a team of researchers seek to examine during the next three years. The result will be an online interactive information tool made to guide the individual company to optimal export.

Danish export is propelled into action and several ships have already been launched: Danish companies are met with a number of opportunities to promote their exports on global markets. The offers count export promotion, export credit and promotion of innovation to name a few.

Today, we have only limited knowledge on the actual impact of the existing export promotion. The researchers will combine an analysis of register data with data for existing export promotion services. The results from the project will then be disseminated in an online knowledge bank of information that is publicly available. Through calculation tools the knowledge bank will give Danish companies a qualified guidance towards improved export.

The project is funded by The Danish Industry Foundation. The research team is headed by Professor Jakob Roland Munch. He will collaborate with Associate Professor Georg Schaur from the University of Tennessee, USA, a PhD and a postdoc. The financial framework of the overall project counts up to  6.4 million. DKK.