26. marts 2021

Meet our new professors

You probably know our new professors already because they have been strong members of our team for years: Mette Gørtz, Bertel Schjerning, and Niels Johannsen. But now they have rightfully been promoted to full professors.

Mette GørtzMette's main research areas are health economics, labour economics, and family economics. She is the principal investigator of a large research project funded by the Novo Nordic Foundation: Behavioral responses to health innovations and the consequences for socioeconomic outcomes.

Bertel Schjerning

Bertel is our dynamic colleagu: He is a specialist in  numerical dynamic programming and structural microeconometrics. He has conducted research on the development and implementation of techniques to solve and estimate models of intertemporal economic behavior involving sequential decision making over time and under uncertainty. His recent research has focused on - among other subjects - development of new methods to solve and estimate dynamic structural microeconomic models including dynamic games.

Niels JohannesenNiels is our expert in all kinds of areas within the subject tax: international taxation, tax evasion, tax avoidance, tax planning, taxation of multinational firms, taxation and regulation of the financial sector. And in his current research projects he searches for answer to the questions: What is the effect of bank taxation on riskiness in the financial sector? How do financial crises spread to the real economy? Who owns the offshore wealth and why?