17. juli 2017

Mette Foged wins Labour Economics Prize 2017

The editors of Labour Economics select annually a winner of the “EALE Labour Economics Prize” for the best paper published in Labour Economics during the previous year. 

The editors have chosen to give the Labour Economics Prize 2017 to Assistant Professor Mette Foged for her paper Family migration and relative earnings potentials. In response to the award Elsevier gives free download of Mette Foged's paper until mid October.

There will be an award ceremony during the EALE conference in St. Gallen on Saturday 23 September.

The prize is € 1,000 sponsored by EALE and the Handbooks of Labor Economics or an Amazon cheque at an equivalent value sponsored by Elsevier.

Editor-in-chief: Helena Skyt Nielsen
Co-Editors: Ghazala Azmat, Albrecht Glitz (handling editor), Steven J. Haider, Michele Pellizzari, Peter Rupert, Oskar Nordström Skans, Wilbert van der Klaauw, Conny Wunsch.