12. august 2020

Manufacturing sector remains instrumental for Myanmar’s economic growth

The increased productivity in Myanmar’s manufacturing sector is mainly explained through investment in the capital stock intensity. The largest firms have achieved both the highest growth in capital intensity and the largest positive change in full-time employment from 2017 to 2019.

Firms interviewed for the survey continue to report highly localised sourcing and selling patterns, especially smaller firms. Medium and large firms have an increasingly international outlook, with a greater proportion of transactions taking place across country borders.

Finn Tarp from the DERG group at UCPH states that, 'The present report is a major analytical achievement. The breadth of data and information is unprecedented, and it allows all of us to carefully examine enterprise performance and the business environment in Myanmar in depth. We wish that the report will provide yet another stepping stone in contributing effectively to the ongoing improvement of the quality of economic policy in Myanmar.'

“DERG is involved in several projects in Myanmar including the Inclusive Development in Myanmar Project together with the Central Statistical Organisation (CSO) and UNU-WIDER. Under the project (funded by the Danish Government) DERG among other activities supports the design, implementation and analysis of nationwide quantitative enterprise surveys. The overall project aim is to strengthen evidence-based policy-making and analysis and help underpin Myanmar’s move through a challenging structural transformation and development process.”

The report will be launced virtually 1st September allowing participants to discuss the results and develop the evidence-based policy-making. Everyone is welcome.