22. september 2014

Outstanding researchers from Dept. of Economics are awarded DKK 7.288.000

4 young researchers have been awarded grants for research projects by the Danish Council for Independent research. The projects will be carried out by Miriam Gensowski and Rémi Piatek, both holding a MOBILEX grant, and Mette Foged and Thomas Høgholm Jørgensen, holding postdoc grants.

Miriam Gensowski will study how occupational choice drives inequality in educational attainment and wages. To do so, she will introduce an original framework that treats the decision of occupation and education jointly, and distinguish the role of young adults' cognitive and socio-emotional skills from parental influences.

Rémi Piatek will develop and apply new econometric methods for the inference of factor models based on Bayesian nonparametric methods. And he will not only design new techniques for the nonparametric inference of factor models, he will also investigate and illustrate their applicability on synthetic and real data, and produce relevant software for a better dissemination of these methods.

Immigration employment is the focus of Mette Foged's project: The effect of immigration on native wages and employment has been analyzed, theoretically and empirically, by looking at changes to the relative supplies of labor in national or local labor markets. These approaches ignore the interplay between labor and capital in production. This project examines these firm-level adjustments by considering the wave of refugee immigrants and family reunified immigrants to Denmark.

When evaluating policies aimed at individuals, it is important to recognize that the effect of the policy will often be determined by a household decision process. With his project Thomas Høgholm Jørgensen takes the underlying economic theory on household behavior seriously and uses it to empirically analyze and understand the observed consumption and labor supply behavior of households.

Dept. of Economics receive 2 of the 27 MOBILEX grants awarded in cooperation with the Marie Curie Program under FP7. The Danish Council for Independent Research has granted research mobility grants for approximately DKK 58 million – Dept. of Economics receives DKK 3.649.000

The 2 postdocs projects are granted by the Danish Council for Independent Research - Social Sciences. In total 11 postdoc grants have been awarded to research talents within social sciences in Denmark to the sum of approximately DKK 20 million – Dept. of Economics receives DKK 3.639.000.