20. juni 2014

11.5 million DKK goes to the Department of Economics

Researchers from the Department of Economics are granted a total of 11.5 mio. DKK from the Danish Social Sciences Research Council.

We know that psychological mechanisms guide people's attention. But what is the nature of these mechanisms? And what are the consequences of biased and limited attention when it comes to consumer choices, investment decisions and firm behavior? These are questions that Alexander Sebald will investigate and answer. To do so, he has been granted 5,8 mio DKK for the interdisciplinary research project including colleagues from the Institute of Psychology at UCPH.

Globally households hold around 8% of their financial wealth in tax havens. Niels Johannesen has received 4 million DKK to investigate who owns the offshore wealth, what are the implications for government revenue and economic inequality and what factors make capital flow to tax havens and back.

How does globalization affect health outcomes for workers in Danish firms? Jakob Roland Munch has been granted 1.7 million DKK to investigate and answer that question. The project will be carried out with David Hummels and Chong Xiang from Purdue University.