3. juni 2009

Grant from Carlsbergfondet

Professor Jean-Robert Tyran has received a grant of DKK 3,304,450 from Carlsbergfondet (3rd year). The grants must be spent before 1 August 2010.

Purpose: This project establishes a novel internet-based platform for running economic experiments and for combining data from controlled experiments with detailed socio-economic information about participants. The main purpose of the platform is to enable large-scale, interactive experiments with participants selected from the Danish population. Collaboration with Statistics Denmark (SD) enables us to invite participants on the basis of their socio-economic characteristics, and to match the data from controlled experiments with participants' registry data on socio-economic background variables. This enables us to investigate a range of questions that cannot be addressed in conventional laboratory experiments as they are routinely implemented today. 2007 has been devoted to build the necessary infrastructure for operating the platform. The first large-scale experiment will be conducted in spring 2008.