9 January 2020

Phase II (2020-23) of DERG’s Tanzania Project Now Underway

The Development Economics Research Group (DERG) has with Professor Finn Tarp as Project Coordinator received 5,0 million DKK for a Phase II of DERG’s collaboration with the Department of Economics (DoE) at the University of Dar es Salaam under the Growth and Development Research Project (GDRP).

The main objective of the GDRP project is to address the need for improved capacity in policy analysis for Tanzania, strengthening both research and teaching capacity at the Department of Economics and creating impact in both the academic community and more broadly In Tanzania through knowledge dissemination by dialogue, policy briefs and publications.

Danida approved a total allocation of 10 million DKK with half going to each of the two project partners for joint research and capacity building.

More information in the Project Webpage.