16 July 2019

DERG study becomes feature article in JICEP

World Scientific’s Journal of International Commerce, Economics and Policy (JICEP) has chosen the DERG article “Globalization Crises, Trade and Development in Vietnam” as one of the featured free-access articles appearing on its website front page.

The article, co-authored by DERG coordinator Finn Tarp in 2012, explores in more depth the changes in the Vietnamese economy before, during and after the Asian financial crisis in 1997–1998 and the financial crisis in 2008–2009. The study discusses Vietnam’s role in weathered those crises better than most of its neighbors. As shown in the figure below, its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth slowed less and quickly recovered to rates near those experienced before those crises.

This recognition by JICEP asserts the importance of the work that DERG has carried out in Vietnam over the past two decades, including more recently activities under a UNU-WIDER project entitled "Structural transformation and inclusive growth in Viet Nam" that came to an end on 31 December 2018.