20 July 2019

DERG launches two special issues during June-July

It has been a busy June-July for DERG research group at the University of Copenhagen. Just after the successful launch of the projects Building Resilience to Climate Change in Ethiopia and Economic Development and Institutions (EDI) - Mozambique Institutional Diagnostic Tool, DERG coordinator Finn Tarp released as guest editor two different open access special issues that contribute to a great extent to the existing literature on aid and inequality in low-income countries.

The first special issue, “Aid Impact and Effectiveness”, is a collection of 9 research articles published by Cogitatio’s Politics and Governance journal. These research articles discuss the ways in which aid affects development outcomes, including—but not limited to—growth. Within the same compendium, Professor Finn Tarp and DERG member Tseday Mekasha confirm the increasing consensus about the positive evidence of aid’s impact on growth in their article “A Meta-Analysis of Aid Effectiveness: Revisiting the Evidence”.

The second is a special issue published in the South African Journal of Economics with the title “Inequalities in the Least Developed Countries - Some Lessons from Africa”. It includes six papers analyzing different dimensions of inequalities in African countries with more specific country studies focused on Mozambique. Professor Finn Tarp also contributed to the special issue with two co-authored articles. The studies in this special issue were prepared within the project Inclusive Growth in Mozambique – Scaling‐Up Research and Capacity.

Despite the current holiday season in Denmark and elsewhere, DERG continues its production of high quality research outputs and projects aimed at contributing to the strategy of the University of Copenhagen in the shared search for solutions to complex global challenges as articulated in the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).