Data & Evidence to end Extreme Poverty (DEEP)

This projects aims to contribute to new global and national data and evidence that governments, decision makers, citizens and researchers can use to improve people’s lives and support the world’s poorest people in their efforts to escape extreme poverty.

What are DEEP’s research themes?

  1. Who is living in extreme poverty?
    Testing new and better ways to measure extreme poverty, drawing on innovations in collecting and analysing data to support governments and decision makers in more effectively targeting their investments.

  2. What drives extreme poverty?
    Investigating the patterns of extreme poverty that are emerging, those that are persisting and the drivers of these patterns, to help inform how we tackle extreme poverty today.

  3. How can we end extreme poverty?
    Evaluating how interventions do or do not succeed in reducing extreme poverty, and sharing lessons and solutions with governments, organisations, and institutions.

Further information is available at the OPM Project website.