Nordic Conference on Development Economics 2015 - Copenhagen, 15-16 June 2015

The Development Economics Research Group (DERG) at the University of Copenhagen is organising the 2015 Nordic Conference in Development Economics (NCDE15) to be held on 15-16 June 2015 at the Department of Economics at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Copenhagen. The conference aims at bringing together Nordic and international scholars for exchange of ideas and discussion of recent results within theoretical and applied development economics research. The Conference is an annual event in the Nordic countries and this year features two prominent keynote speakers. All participants must cover their travel and accommodation costs, but the organizers will help book accommodation at two hotels in central Copenhagen.

Keynote Speakers:

Jim Davies is Professor of Economics at the Department of Economics, The University of Western Ontario. He is a leading international scholar on the Global Distribution of Wealth and Tax Policy and an author of the 2014 Global Wealth report. 

• Peter Lanjouw is after a distinguished career with the World Bank, most recently as Research Manager of the Poverty and Inequality Group, Professor at VU University Amsterdam. He is widely known for his many contributions to the measurement of poverty and inequality; income distribution dynamics; rural non-farm employment; incidence of public spending; and village studies in India.