George Acheampong, University of Ghana and University of Copenhagen: "Stakeholder Network Position and SME Survival in Ghana"


The study contributes to the SME survival and network capital literature using a stakeholder network survey of small and medium-scale poultry enterprises in Ghana. Analysis of the survey reveals that closeness centrality has a direct and significant relationship with SME survival with gender of owner as a significant control. The study also finds that the relationship between power, betweeness and survival is significantly moderated by gender of owner and size of SME respectively. Dynamic capabilities of the SME are seen to significantly mediate the relationship between closeness, betweeness and survival. The findings suggest that direct bargaining, been the reference for discussions and brokerage behaviour influence the survival of SMEs. Again, SME characteristics and competences can also interact with these positional advantages to influence survival probability.

Contact person: Ulrik Richardt Beck