6. oktober 2020

The paper "Do you have time to take a walk together? Private and joint time within the household"

by Mette Gørtz, Martin Browning and co-author Olivier Donni, accepted for publication in the Economic Journal.


We develop a theoretical model for the intra-household allocation of time and consumption that distinguishes between partners’ joint and private leisure. Estimating the model using time use data leads to five findings. First, the intra-household expenditure distribution corre-lates with relative wages, consistent with the collective model. Second, men put relatively more weight on private expenditure and compos-ite leisure. Third, joint and private leisure are imperfect substitutes. Fourth, joint and private leisure are independent of the wage distri-bution, suggesting that togetherness does not substitute for economic factors. Fifth, higher female wages imply higher childcare hours for women, but lower for men.

You can read the full research paper here