Paul Hufe, University of Bristol

Paul Hufe is Lecturer (Assistant Professor) at the University of Bristol and affiliated with IZA and CESifo.

He holds a PH.D. from LMU (University of Munich) and has been visiting Cornell University, Princeton University, and FAIR at NHH Bergen.

His research interests lies at the intersection of public, labor and normative economics. Under the overarching theme of equality of opportunity my research agenda is driven by two main objectives.

First, he aims to strengthen the methodological toolkit that is used to quantify the extent of inequality of opportunity in current societies. Thereby, my work connects to the literature branches on intergenerational mobility and inequality measurement.

Second,  he aims to contribute to our understanding of which circumstantial life factors cause the unequal distribution of life chances. Thereby, his work connects to the literature branches on early childhood development, and skill formation.

You can read more about Paul Hufe here

CEBI contact: Miriam Wust and Sonja Settele