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Lunch seminars

The CEBI Lunch Seminar takes place every Monday at 12:15- 1pm in the seminar room on the 2nd floor in building 35, 35.2.01.

Everyone brings their own lunch.

Autumn Semester 2019

Aug. 19 Esteban Garcia-Miralles: "Peer Effects in the Tax Code: Evidence from Retirement Savings Decisions in Denmark"
Sept. 2 Felix Sebastian Døssing: Tba.
Sept. 9 PhD seminar in the Faculty Lounge - room 35.3.20
Sept. 16 Peter Rønø Thingholm (Aarhus University): Tba.
Sept. 23 Ida Lykke Kristiansen: "Short and Long-Term Consequences of Severe Parental Health Shocks"
Sept. 30 Renke Schmacker (DIW Berlin): "Can Sin Taxes Help Consumers with Low Self-Control? Evidence from Sin Tax Reforms"
Oct. 7 Esther Chevrot-Bianco: Tba.
Oct. 14 Davide Bellucci (University of Turin)
Oct. 21 CEBI Seminar with Jonathan Meer (Texas AM University) in room 26.2.21 at 12.00
Oct. 28 Adam Sheridan: Tba.
Nov. 4 Mette Ejrnæs: Tba.
Nov 11 Jeppe Druedahl. Tba.
Nov. 18
Nov. 25
Dec. 2 Miriam Wust: Tba.
Dec. 9
Dec. 16 CEBI Seminar with Nick Papageorge (John Hopkins University) in room 26.2.21 at 12.00

Spring Semester 2019

Feb. 11 Winter Break
Feb. 18 Torben Heien Nielsen: "TBA"
Feb. 25 Jakob Søgaard: "Paying to Avoid Your Children"
Mar. 4 Niels Johannesen: "Intra-Family Insurance"
Mar. 11 Felix Sebastian Døssing: "TBF"
Mar. 18 Marco Piovesan: "TBA"
Mar. 25 Emil Toft Hansen: "TBA"
Apr. 1 Jakob Søgaard: "The Marie Currie Grant Application Process"
Apr. 8 Martin Benedikt Busch: "TBA"
Apr. 15 Helene Willadsen: "TBA"
Apr. 22 Easter (No seminar)
Apr. 29
May 6 Sarah Sander (UCL): "Age at Enrollment in Childcare and Child Development" 
May 13 Gregers Nytoft Rasmussen: "TBD"
May 20 Hans Henrik Sievertsen (Bristol): "Children and Antibiotics"
May 27 Maria Juul Hansen: "Intra-Household Allocation of Commuting"
June 3 Thomas Jørgensen: "Fertility and Female Labor Supply"

Autumn Semester 2018

Aug. 27

Emil Verner (MIT) "Job Market Experiences"

Sept. 3

Jakob Egholt Søgaard "Labour Supply and Optimization Frictions"
Sept. 17

Benjamin Ly Serena "Obesity in Primary School"

Oct. 8

Marc Puigmule  (University of Barcelona) "Immigration and Political Selection: Evidence from Migration Shocks"

Oct. 29

Morten Olsen "The Forms behind the Labor Share: Heterogeneity and Dynamics"

Nov. 5

Hans Sivertsen (University of Bristol) , Tba.

Nov. 12

Johan Sæverud "What is wage?"

Nov. 19

Jeppe Druedahl, Tba.

Nov. 26

Kristian Hedeager Bentsen, Tba.

Dec. 3

Esteban Garcia-Miralles, Tba.

Dec 17

Christofer Schroeder (Stockholm School of Economics) "Crime and Wealth"

Spring Semester 2018

  Febr. 5   

 Benjamin Ly Serena: "The role of Social Mobility for the Association  
 Between Income and Life Expectancy"
Febr. 12 Winter Break, no seminar
Febr. 19       Jakob Egholt Søgaard: "Look-in Effect of Property Taxes: Evidence from a Regerssion Discontinuity in Denmark"
Febr. 26 Jakob Miethe: "Hurricanes, nightlights, and the elusive 'comparative advantage' of offshore finance"
March 5 Anita Glenny: "Marginal Employment and Job Search Behaviour"
March 12 Anne Ardila Brenøe: "Intergenerational Transmission of Time Preferences: Causal Evidence of Persistent Effects"
March 19 Katrine Marie Tofthøj: "Wealth Taxation and Wealth Accumulation: Theory and Evidence from Denmark"
March 26 David Dreyer Lassen: "Immigration and Political Selection"
April 2 Easter, no seminar
April 9 Introduction to new CEBI PhD's
April 16 Helene Willadsen: "Choice of Further Education"
April 23 Miriam Wust (VIVE): "Crowding, Procedure use and Patient Health: Evidence from Maternity Wards"
April 30 Mikkel Høst Gandil: "Opring out of Public Schools"
May 7 Martin Munk (AAU): "The Decline of Intergenerational Mobility in Denmark"
May 14 Felix Sebastian Døssing: "Paternalistic Preferences and Behaviour"
May 21 Whitsun, no seminar
May 28 Kristian Hedeager Bentsen: "Introducing Third-Party Reporting and Tax Evasion: Alimony Contributions, Stocks and Fringe Benefits"
June 4         Morten Olsen: "Automating Labor: Evidencefrom Firm-level Patent Data"
June  11       Adam Sheridan: "Measuring Consumption"
June 18:  Lihn To (Harvard University): "Labor Supply and Maternity Leave"

Fall Semester 2017

Oct. 2: Sofie Cairo: “Does the ‘karensdag’ sanction increase transition rates into small jobs for insured jobseekers?”
Oct. 9: Sarah Clifford: “Charitable Contributions and Tax Evasion”
Oct. 16: Fall Break, no seminar
Oct. 23: David Dreyer Lassen: ”The Effect of Income and Unemployment Shocks on Political Preferences”
Oct. 30: Ludvig Wier: “€600 Billion and Counting: Why High Tax Countries Let Tax Havens Flourish”
Nov. 6: Nick Fabrin Nielsen: ”Economic Consequences of Childhood Diabetes”
Nov. 3: Nikolaj Harmon:  “Understanding the Labor Market Effects of Parental Leave”
Nov. 20: Petra Cavalca: ”The role of economic incentives in the market for foster care”
Nov. 27: Emil Bjerre Jensen: "Household consumption responses to adjustable-rate mortgage payments: Evidence from transaction data."
Dec. 4: Mia Jørgensen: ”Monetary policy and inequality”
Dec. 11: Mette Rasmussen: ”Profiling of unemployed  individuals”

Contact:  Benjamin Ly Serena