Lunch seminars

The CEBI Lunch Seminar takes place every Monday at 12:15- 1pm in the seminar room on the 2nd floor in building 35, 35.2.01.

Everyone brings their own lunch.

Autumn Semester 2020

(in this semester the seminarrs will be held in room 26.2.21 and on Zoom)

Sept. 7 Kristian Berndt Karlson, Department of Sociology, University of Copenhagen:
"Family Background, Educational Qualifications, and Meritocratic Labor Market
Allocation: Evidence from Danish Siblings"
Sept 14 Mia Jørgensen:" Financial leverage and mental health"
Sept. 21 Cancelled
Sept. 28 Joachim Kahr Rasmussen:" Solving Dynamic Models using Reinforcement Learning"
Oct. 5 Miriam Wüst and more from CEBI: "CV of Failures" Postphoned.
Oct. 12 Autumn Break
Oct. 19 Torben Heien Nielsen: "Early Career, Life-cycle choices, and gender"
Oct. 26 Tianyi Wang: "Black Radio and the Civil rights movement"
Nov. 2 Jakob Egholt Søgaard: "Parental Leave"
Nov. 9 Martin Benedikt Busch (JMP)
Nov. 16 Kristoffer Balle Hvidberg (JMP)
Nov. 23 Emil Toft Hansen. Tba.
Nov. 30 Claus Thustrup Kreiner. Tba.
Dec. 7 Miriam Wust. Tba.
Dec. 14

Spring Semester 2020

Febr. 3 DNRF preparation (Claus T. Kreiner)
Febr. 10 Winter break
Febr. 17 Svea Holtman, Catholic University of Eichstaett-Ingolstadt: Tax avoidance with hybrid financial instruments"
Febr. 24 Benjamin Ly Serena “The Effect of Psychotherapy Coverage on stuff”"
March 2 Martin Benedikt Busch: “Sequential Search” 
March 9 Johan Sæveud: "Income Inequality"
March 16 Mia Herløv Jørgensen: "Sick of your poor neighborhood?"
March 23 Cortnie Shupe: "Long-run impacts of teen exposure to minimum wages in the US"
March 30 Christina Gravert: "Nudge me! Response to and demand for healthy habit reminders"
April 6 Easter week
April 13 Easter Holiday
April 20 Kristoffer Balle Hvidberg: "Higher education and finacial problems: The effects of fiels of study"
April 27 Esteban Garcia-Miralles: "Joint retirement of couples: Evidence from discontinuities in Denmark"
May 4 Frederik Plum Hauschultz: "Patient leaning and non-linear contract"
May 18 Pol Campos-Mercade: "Pro sociality predicts health behaviors during the COVID-19 pandemic"
May 25 Søren Leth-Petersen: "Estimating (marginal) treatment effects using survey data"
June 2 Calus Thustrup Kreiner: "Demand for Redistribution and Origins of Inequality"
June 8 Mette Gørtz. Tba.

Autumn Semester 2019

Aug. 19 Esteban Garcia-Miralles: "Peer Effects in the Tax Code: Evidence from Retirement Savings Decisions in Denmark"
Sept. 2 Felix Sebastian Døssing: "The effects of unemployment insurance coverage rates: Quasi-experimental evidence"
Sept. 9 PhD seminar in the Faculty Lounge - room 35.3.20 at 13.00
Sept. 16 Department meeting
Sept. 23 Ida Lykke Kristiansen: "Short and Long-Term Consequences of Severe Parental Health Shocks"
Sept. 30 Renke Schmacker (DIW Berlin): "Can Sin Taxes Help Consumers with Low Self-Control? Evidence from Sin Tax Reforms"
Oct. 7 Felix Sebastian Døssing: "Social selection vs. influence in altruistic behavior: Evidence on Couples from Administrative Data"
Oct. 14 Davide Bellucci (University of Turin): "Perceived immigration and voting behavior"
Oct. 21 CEBI Seminar with Jonathan Meer (Texas AM University): “The Minimum Wage’s Effects on the Nonprofit Sector Employment”. In room 26.2.21 at 12.00
Oct. 28 Adam Sheridan: "Learning About Social Networks from Mobile Money Transfers"
Nov. 4 Mette Ejrnæs: "The contagious nature of a vaccine scare: How the introduction of HPV vaccination lifted and eroded MMR vaccination in Denmark"
Nov. 11 Johannes Wohlfart: "Beliefs About the Stock Market and Investment Choices: Evidence from a Field Experiment" 
Nov. 18 Esther Chevrot-Bianco: "How do firms respond to `soft´ gender quotas?"
Nov. 25 Jesper Eriksen (Aalborg University): "Signalling and Screning in the Search for Apprenticeships" 
Dec. 2 Miriam Wust: Nurse quality and parental health investments"
Dec. 16 CEBI Seminar with Nick Papageorge (John Hopkins University) in room 26.2.21 at 12.00

Spring Semester 2019

Feb. 11 Winter Break
Feb. 18 Torben Heien Nielsen: "TBA"
Feb. 25 Jakob Søgaard: "Paying to Avoid Your Children"
Mar. 4 Niels Johannesen: "Intra-Family Insurance"
Mar. 11 Felix Sebastian Døssing: "TBA"
Mar. 18 Marco Piovesan: "TBA"
Mar. 25 Emil Toft Hansen: "TBA"
Apr. 1 Jakob Søgaard: "The Marie Currie Grant Application Process"
Apr. 8 Martin Benedikt Busch: "TBA"
Apr. 15 Helene Willadsen: "TBA"
Apr. 22 Easter (No seminar)
May 6 Sarah Sander (UCL): "Age at Enrollment in Childcare and Child Development" 
May 13 Gregers Nytoft Rasmussen: "TBA"
May 20 Hans Henrik Sievertsen (Bristol): "Children and Antibiotics"
May 27 Maria Juul Hansen: "Intra-Household Allocation of Commuting"
June 3 Thomas Jørgensen: "Fertility and Female Labor Supply"

Autumn Semester 2018

Aug. 27

Emil Verner (MIT) "Job Market Experiences"

Sept. 3

Jakob Egholt Søgaard "Labour Supply and Optimization Frictions"
Sept. 17

Benjamin Ly Serena "Obesity in Primary School"

Oct. 8

Marc Puigmule  (University of Barcelona) "Immigration and Political Selection: Evidence from Migration Shocks"

Oct. 29

Morten Olsen "The Forms behind the Labor Share: Heterogeneity and Dynamics"

Nov. 5

Hans Sivertsen (University of Bristol) , Tba.

Nov. 12

Johan Sæverud "What is wage?"

Nov. 19

Jeppe Druedahl, Tba.

Nov. 26

Kristian Hedeager Bentsen, Tba.

Dec. 3

Esteban Garcia-Miralles, Tba.

Dec 17

Christofer Schroeder (Stockholm School of Economics) "Crime and Wealth"

Spring Semester 2018

  Febr. 5   

 Benjamin Ly Serena: "The role of Social Mobility for the Association  
 Between Income and Life Expectancy"
Febr. 12 Winter Break, no seminar
Febr. 19       Jakob Egholt Søgaard: "Look-in Effect of Property Taxes: Evidence from a Regerssion Discontinuity in Denmark"
Febr. 26 Jakob Miethe: "Hurricanes, nightlights, and the elusive 'comparative advantage' of offshore finance"
March 5 Anita Glenny: "Marginal Employment and Job Search Behaviour"
March 12 Anne Ardila Brenøe: "Intergenerational Transmission of Time Preferences: Causal Evidence of Persistent Effects"
March 19 Katrine Marie Tofthøj: "Wealth Taxation and Wealth Accumulation: Theory and Evidence from Denmark"
March 26 David Dreyer Lassen: "Immigration and Political Selection"
April 2 Easter, no seminar
April 9 Introduction to new CEBI PhD's
April 16 Helene Willadsen: "Choice of Further Education"
April 23 Miriam Wust (VIVE): "Crowding, Procedure use and Patient Health: Evidence from Maternity Wards"
April 30 Mikkel Høst Gandil: "Opring out of Public Schools"
May 7 Martin Munk (AAU): "The Decline of Intergenerational Mobility in Denmark"
May 14 Felix Sebastian Døssing: "Paternalistic Preferences and Behaviour"
May 21 Whitsun, no seminar
May 28 Kristian Hedeager Bentsen: "Introducing Third-Party Reporting and Tax Evasion: Alimony Contributions, Stocks and Fringe Benefits"
June 4         Morten Olsen: "Automating Labor: Evidencefrom Firm-level Patent Data"
June  11       Adam Sheridan: "Measuring Consumption"
June 18:  Lihn To (Harvard University): "Labor Supply and Maternity Leave"

Fall Semester 2017

Oct. 2: Sofie Cairo: “Does the ‘karensdag’ sanction increase transition rates into small jobs for insured jobseekers?”
Oct. 9: Sarah Clifford: “Charitable Contributions and Tax Evasion”
Oct. 16: Fall Break, no seminar
Oct. 23: David Dreyer Lassen: ”The Effect of Income and Unemployment Shocks on Political Preferences”
Oct. 30: Ludvig Wier: “€600 Billion and Counting: Why High Tax Countries Let Tax Havens Flourish”
Nov. 6: Nick Fabrin Nielsen: ”Economic Consequences of Childhood Diabetes”
Nov. 3: Nikolaj Harmon:  “Understanding the Labor Market Effects of Parental Leave”
Nov. 20: Petra Cavalca: ”The role of economic incentives in the market for foster care”
Nov. 27: Emil Bjerre Jensen: "Household consumption responses to adjustable-rate mortgage payments: Evidence from transaction data."
Dec. 4: Mia Jørgensen: ”Monetary policy and inequality”
Dec. 11: Mette Rasmussen: ”Profiling of unemployed  individuals”

Contact:  Benjamin Ly Serena