Paolo Sodini, Stockholm School of Economics

Paolo Sodini is Professor of Finance at the Stockholm School of Economics and fellow at the Swedish House of Finance.

He is the director of MiDa – the Institute for Micro Data at SSE and SHoF and one of the founders of the European Network of Household Finance. His research focuses on Household Finance, the field of Financial Economics that studies how households use financial markets to achieve their goals. He has studied the welfare consequences of household financial mistakes, such as portfolio diversification and rebalancing, and the importance of sophistication in limiting financial losses.

He has also worked on the determinants of welfare inequality, in particular of the role of savings, financial risk taking and returns to wealth. His latest research focuses on real estate markets and explores the impact of homeownership on household economic behavior and gender differences in the housing market.

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CEBI contact: Søren Leth-Petersen