Gabriella Conti, University College London

Gabriella has a BSc in Law from the University of Naples "Federico II", and a Diploma, MSc and PhD (2008) in Economics from the University of Essex. Prior to coming to UCL, she was first Post Doctoral Scholar in the Department of Economics, and then Research Associate (Assistant Professor) in the Harris School of Public Policy at the University of Chicago.

Gabriella's research draws on both the biomedical and the social sciences with the aim of understanding the developmental origins of health inequalities, and the behavioral and biological pathways through which early life conditions affect health throughout the life course.

She is currently working on projects on the health effects of early life interventions, both in humans and in nonhuman primates; on the importance of prenatal investments and fetal development for long‐term outcomes; and on the effects of health insurance on health in developing countries. Gabriella is also a Research Fellow at the Institute for Fiscal Studies.

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