Dmitry Taubinski, UC Berkeley

Dmitry Taubinski is assistant professor at UC Berkeley.

His research Expertise and Interest are are behavioral economics, tax policy, soda taxes, payday loans, household consumption and portfolio choice, energy policy and health.

Dmitry Taubinsky applies insights from behavioral economics to questions about public policy, using a combination of theory, experiments, and observational data.  He studies topics such as people's (in)attention to not-fully-salient taxes; (mis)understanding of tax incentives such as those present in the income tax code; energy policy for consumers inattentive to the energy costs of durables; optimal "sin taxes" on sugary drinks; the welfare effects of social recognition; financial decision-making by low income populations such as payday loan borrowers; and policies aimed at improving savings decisions.

You can read more about Dmitry Taubinsky and his research here

Contact: Christina Gravert & Patrick Moran