Agne Kajackaite, WZB Berlin Social Science Center. CANCELLED.

Observability and Lying


We study lying behavior in a cheating game. Experimental participants draw a random number and can then report any number and receive a monetary payoff based only on the report. We study how these reports depend on (i) observability of the random draw and (ii) observability of the report by the experimenter. Our results show that while increasing the observability of the random draw decreases cheating, increasing the anonymity of the reports does not affect average reports. Finally, in contrast to our predictions, we find that women do not react differently than men to changes in the observability of the random draw or the report.

Agne Kajackaite, is Head of the Research Group "Ethics and Behavioral Economics" at the WZB Berlin Social Science Center

Her Research Interests are Behavioral economics, in particular, lying behavior

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