CEBI Workshop on Subjective Beliefs in Macroeconomics and Household Finance

Expectations about the future play a central role in any model of decision-making under uncertainty, and are of particular importance in modern macroeconomics and household finance. A growing literature studies the belief formation of households and firms, and how the beliefs of economic agents affect their economic decisions and ultimately shape aggregate outcomes. This workshop aims to bring together leading researchers from macroeconomics, finance and behavioral economics working on these topics. The papers included in this workshop address these research questions using observational data, lab experiments and field experiments, and also study expectation formation from a theoretical perspective.

The key note lecture will be given by Theresa Kuchler from NYU Stern.

You can find the program here

Prior to the workshop there will a PhD course on Subjective Beliefs in Macroeconomics and Household Finance with Lecturer Yueran Ma, Michael McMahon, Chris Roth, Johannes Wohlfart and Florian Zimmerman

You can read more about the PhD course here.