21 November 2019

Torben Heien Nielsen receives Sapere Aude grant from the Danish Independent Research Council

for his new research project Skill Formation in the Labor Market for Physicians

We spend 10% of our GDP on health care. For this amount, the objective is to maintain a healthy population, and provide equal access to quality health care regardless where we live. Our physicians are at the center of the health care sector and their decisions are pivotal for our welfare. Thus, our physicians constitute one of the most important highly specialized professions in modern economies. This research project investigates how physician careers and practice styles are shaped. The project will contribute to our understanding of highly specialized workers’ labor market choices. The physician labor market is particularly interesting as many societies are challenged by a lack of physicians in some geographical areas. Consequently, the post code may determine the level of treatment the patients receive. Over time, the project will generate more knowledge on how to combat such inequalities.

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