7 April 2021

Sonja Settele, Johannes Wohlfart and Christopher Roth publish in American Economic Review: Insights

The research paper Risk Exposure and Acquisition of Macroeconomic Information is forthcoming in American Economic Review: Insights.


We conduct an experiment with a representative sample from the US to study households’ demand for macroeconomic information. Respondents who learn of a higher personal exposure to unemployment risk during recessions increase their demand for an expert forecast about the likelihood of a recession. This finding is consistent with macroeconomic models of endogenous information acquisition, according to which the demand for information depends on its expected benefits. Moreover, respondents’ updating about their personal unemployment risk suggests that households are imperfectly informed about their exposure to aggregate fluctuations, which may distort their beliefs about the benefits of acquiring macroeconomic information.

 You can read the working paper here