14. december 2021

Pol Campos-Mercade in committee with Spanish government


Pol Campos-Mercade's research on controversial pocket money nudging people to vaccination sites has made an impact. He is now invited to participate in panel discussions with the Spanish government.

Pol has now traveled to Spain to participate in the panel discussion called RedEx - short for Red the Experimentación en Ciencias Sociales (The network  of Social Sciences Experiments). The network is organized by researchers and the Ministry of Inclusion and Social Security. Pol will sit in round table discussion with one member of the ministry and two other researchers and discuss  experimenting, designing, implementing and evaluating public policies.

Pol's research on pocket money as vaccination nudge has international attention.

"We conducted a randomized controlled trial in Sweden from May to July 2021. We had 8,286 participants aged 18-49 years, and we offered some of them 200 Swedish kroner to get vaccinated," explains Pol Campos-Mercade.

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