12 April 2024

Ida Maria Hartmann awarded Fulbright Grant for her stay at New York University

Fulbright Grants are awarded to Master and PhD students who demonstrate outstanding academic performance and who are committed to the academic exchange between the U.S. and Denmark.

In the fall semester, 2024, Ida will visit Professor Andrew Caplin at New York University (NYU). This visit serves a dual purpose: First, to strengthen her collaboration with Professor Caplin, a distinguished economist renowned for his expertise in cognitive economics. Second, to further develop her research on peer effects and expectations.

Since the beginning of Ida’s PhD, she has been involved in collecting new large-scale survey data with information about subjective expectations about earnings and job mobility together with Professor Caplin, Professor Søren Leth-Petersen and others.

During her stay at NYU, the research group will develop the next survey, which will be launched in January 2025. They will also continue their work on a project, in which they study how people self-insure against adverse shocks to income arising for example through a lay-off. This work exploits the richness of the data they have already collected and the fact that they can link it to the Danish registers.

In addition to Ida’s joint work with Professor Caplin, Ida will also use her stay at NYU to further develop her project on peer-effects in expectations. In this project, she exploits the combination of the Danish register data and survey elicited expectations, to examine whether subjective unemployment expectations are affected by peers’ unemployment experiences.

Ida expects that this project will benefit greatly from discussing it with leading scholars at NYU and by participating in related seminars in the highly ambitious research environment that is found at NYU.

Fulbright Denmark is based on a bi-national agreement from 1951 between Denmark and the U.S.A. Since its beginning over 3.500 Danes and Americans have participated, working on mutual understanding and sparring. Fulbright thus helps build relationships between knowledge institutions, students and scientists in Denmark and the USA.

You can read more about Fulbright Denmark here