3 April 2019

Nick Fabrin Nielsen's chapter ”Sick of Retirement” accepted in Journal of Health Economics

The chapter from Nick Fabrin Nielsen's his PhD thesis: ”Sick of Retirement” has been accpted for publication in Journal of Health Economics


This paper examines the causal effect of retirement on health and healthcare utilization using two identification strategies on Danish full population data. First, I use a reform of the statutory retirement age in an IV design. Second, I use a large discontinuity in retirement take-up at the earliest age of retirement (60) in a regression discontinuity design. The results show that early retirement leads to decreases in GP visits and hospitalizations of 8-10% in the short run. The reduction in GP visits is driven by a drop in female GP utilization, while both genders contribute equally to the decline in hospitalizations. Early retirement has no effect on health measured by comorbidities or mortality. Statutory retirement has no effect on health or healthcare utilization. The results suggest that gender, age at retirement and complier composition are important sources of heterogeneity.

You can read the article here