15 April 2021

Meltem Daysal and Mette Gørtz talk for students about the recent evidence on socioeconomic inequality in health

Socioeconomic inequality in health has widened in many high-income countries, including Denmark, over the last decades, despite a high pace of health innovations and public provision of health care.

How does the covid-19 pandemic affect inequality in health?

We are all experiencing how the covid-19 pandemic receive substantial attention due to its dramatic health and social impacts, but what about the aggregate costs of more common infectious diseases that affect large shares of the population on a regular basis?

How can the price of a package of pills suddenly increase by 1000% and why does this happen again and again in pharmaceutical markets? And when a product is the “default” in a market, how do firms exploit that advantage in their pricing strategies?

Meet N. Meltem Daysal, Anders Munk-Nielsen and Mette Gørtz at the next Økonomisk Eksploratorium #16 on Health Economics where we will zoom in on these questions.

The event is open for both students, employees and everybody with an interest in economics.

You can join the event here