31 August 2022

Kristoffer Balle Hvidberg interviewed on Radio4 about crime

In the live afternoon show ”Missionen” on August 29 Kristoffer explained how preferences predict who commits crime among young men.

The show hosts were investigating how to commit the perfect crime and Kristoffer told them about the CEBI study that was recently published in the journal PNAS. In the study, Kristoffer and CEBI co-authors Claus Thustrup Kreiner, Søren Leth-Petersen, Gregers Nytoft Rasmussen, Thomas Epper and Ernst Fehr show that risk-tolerant, impatient and self-centered people are more likely to commit crimes than risk averse, patient and altruistic people are. For example, the risk of criminal behavior is twice as high for the most risk-tolerant compared with the least risk-tolerant individuals. Furthermore, the research team finds that risk tolerance and impatience can significantly predict property crime, while the degree of self-control can help predict violent, sexual and drug offences.

You can hear the interview here

Read here for more information and download the full research paper here.