21 April 2022

Expert group for the reform of future business support


Niels Johannesen and Jeppe Druedahl have been selected to form part of a new expert group that has been set up to assess the future public Danish business support.

In 2021, the public Danish business support amounted to DKK 42 billion distributed over 200 different schemes. These schemes have emerged gradually over time and vary in relation to e.g., scope, target group, and duration.

Now the Danish government has decided, together with a number of other political parties in Parliament, to set up the expert group to rethink public business support in a long-term perspective.

Christian Frigast is appointed chairman. The other members of the expert group count associate professor Jeppe Druedahl and professor Niels Johannesen (both from from Department of Economics, UCPH), Astrid Simonsen Joos, and Lise Kaae.

The expert group shall point out models for reorganizing business support for at least DKK 3.5 billion DKK annually, which will finance investments in research, education, green transition and tax reforms.