16 June 2022

Claus T. Kreiner gave talk about CEBI research at the annual professor’s dinner at The University of Copenhagen.

Claus Kreiner was invited to give one of this year’s talks at the Professors dinner on 9 June at the University of Copenhagen.

The talk explained the research at the Center for Economic Behavior and Inequality (CEBI) where researchers are trying to spread light on the role of behavior for questions about inequality

How much inequality?
Sources of inequality?
Fairness of inequality?
Effects of public policy?

Claus highlighted just some of the significant research outcomes and special attention was given to projects about:

Wealth Inequality: Does Patience Play a Role?
The Role of Tax Evasion
Fighting Offshore Tax Evasion: Impact of Automatic Information Exchange
Perceptions about inequality and fairness of inequality
Measuring Inequality in Life Expectancy: Role of Income Mobility

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