CEBI Highlights 2018

CEBI publications in top journals
CEBI members at UCPH published 17 articles in top journals in 2018. This includes an article by Niels Johannesen and coauthors in the American Economic Review showing that tax evasion is much more important for inequality than previously thought, and an article in the Journal of Political Economy by Martin Browning and Mette Ejrnæs demonstrating the importance of heterogeneity in patience and risk willingness for inequality in income and consumption. Claus Kreiner, Torben Heien Nielsen and Benjamin Ly Serena published an article in PNAS about how to measure inequality in life expectancy, and demonstrating the importance of social mobility for this type of inequality.

More top publications in the pipeline
Postdoc Jakob Søgaard and external member Henrik Kleven from Princeton have a forthcoming article in the American Economic Journal: Applied Economics documenting the long run effect of children on the gender income gap. PhD student Nick Fabrin Nielsen co-authored a forthcoming article in JAMA showing that type 1 diabetes has no effect on school performance of children. The American Economic Review has invited Torben Heien Nielsen, and coauthor Itzik Fadlon from UCSD, to resubmit a revised version of their paper providing casual evidence of network effects in health behavior. PhD student Katrine Jakobsen and external member Henrik Kleven are invited by the Quarterly Journal of Economics to resubmit a revised version of their paper measuring the effects of wealth taxation on savings behavior and wealth inequality.

The best economic research worldwide in 2018
Quartz asked twelve leading economists to describe the world’s most important research results in 2018. The novel work by Torben Heien Nielsen and his coauthor on network effects in health behavior was selected on the following grounds: “The authors exploit a novel data source to look at how our choices about health care are influenced by what is happening around us—with our family, and even our co-workers. It challenges our standard notion of how people think about their own health behavior choices.” This illustrates the research potential offered by the CEBI data infrastructure.

Large public interest in CEBI research results
CEBI research results were featured in international news media such as New York Times, Harvard Business Review, Harold Tribune, The Economist, Vox, Quartz and BNN Blomberg. They were also featured in Danish newspapers such as Politiken, Berlingske Tidende, Børsen, Jyllandsposten, Information, and Weekendavisen. The work by Jakob Søgaard and Henrik Kleven on gender inequality was featured in Netflix Explained as well as in DR radioavisen, Radion 24syv Morgen and TV2 News. 

Research presentations at key institutions
CEBI members gave 68 presentations in 2018. This includes presentations at top universities such as Harvard University; presentations at key international and Danish institutions such as the European Central Bank and the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority; and thirteen presentations by PhD students.

International environment, collaboration and recruitment
CEBI had 35 guests. This includes external CEBI members Ernst Fehr, Henrik Kleven and José Luis-Peydró, who worked on CEBI projects during their stay, as well as top researchers such as Professor Stefanie Stantcheva from Harvard University and Professor Gordon Dahl from UCSD, who are now involved in two CEBI projects. CEBI posted Postdoc positions internationally, received 266 applications, interviewed 17 candidates in Naples and Atlanta, organized fly-outs to Copenhagen for eight candidates, and has hired three candidates with US and German background.

CEBI members are CEPR research fellows
The Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR) is a network for top academic economists aiming at creating “a virtual centre of excellence for European economics”. Niels Johannesen was invited in 2018 and is now a CEPR Research Fellow together with Søren Leth-Petersen and Claus Kreiner.

Organizer of the CEPR Public Policy Symposium 2018
CEBI hosted the CEPR annual Public Economics Symposium. The symposium included keynote lectures about behavior and inequality formation by world-leading scholars: Thomas Piketty from the Paris School of Economics; CEBI member Ernst Fehr from the University of Zürich; and Fatih Guvenen from the University of Minnesota.

Organization of large international conferences
Claus Kreiner was chair of the scientific program committee of the 74th Annual Congress of the International Institute of Public Finance with 500+ paper submissions and a number of invited lectures about “The Impact of Public Policies on Labor Markets and Income Distribution”. He was also a member of the program committee of the 2018 European Winter Meeting of the Econometric Society.

Workshops, research seminars and experience seminars
CEBI organized two workshops, one on consumption behavior and inequality and one on applied empirical methods, which included participants from Stanford University, University of Chicago and University of Pennsylvania. 23 top international researchers presented their research in the regular CEBI seminar series. CEBI organized a weekly internal seminar, prioritizing presentations of research ideas by junior researchers, and experience seminars targeted at PhD students. For example, Emil Verner who recently graduated from Princeton, presented his experience as job applicant on the international job market. 

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