19. juli 2023

PhD scholarship on applied school choice at the Department of Economics, KU

We are excited to announce an exceptional opportunity for a motivated and ambitious aspiring scholar in economics. The Department of Economics invites applications for a fully-funded PhD scholarship as part of the research project entitled “Implementation and perception in school choice,” led by Andreas Bjerre-Nielsen and funded by Independent Research Fund Denmark.

As a successful candidate, you will contribute to cutting-edge research projects on school admission using data from Danish high school admission. The project has three overarching aims. First, estimate how schools impact admitted students' academic and non-academic development, leveraging novel admissions data and state-of-the-art methods to establish causality. Second, estimating the perception and preferences of applicants to model how they respond to information and changes to admission rules. Finally, assess how policy changes affect students’ outcomes and their enrollment across educational institutions with a focus on segregation and peers.

Mikkel H. Gandil (Oslo and Rockwool Foundation) will co-supervise the PhD student and we will collaborate with Chris Neilson (Yale) and Hessel Oosterbeek (Amsterdam) on project parts. More information about the project is available (here) and about Andreas (here). As part of the job, you will have the chance to work on one or more independent projects.

The candidate will work within a strong, supportive research network, undertake comprehensive research training, and actively participate in knowledge dissemination through teaching and presentations. This unique PhD position can be taken as a three-year full-time study within the 5+3 study programme framework or a four-year full-time study within the 4+4 study programme. The programme and project will provide you with the tools to forge a dynamic career within both academia as well as the public and private sectors.

The expected starting date of the position is on 1 October 2023 or as soon as possible thereafter.

Send an application and read more about the position and requirements on Copenhagen University's job portal: jobportal