The Social Impact of Relocation of Economic Activities

Forskningsenhed: EPRU

Over the last years Globalisation and its alleged negative effects for the distribution of income, unemployment, poverty and social cohesion has caused immense public anxiety in Europe, particularly against the backdrop of eastern enlargement of the European Union. Indeed, globalisation in the form of intensified international trade has a deep structural impact fostering the specialisation of open economies in industries where they posses a comparative advantage. Other, less competitive industries on the other hand shrink. One example in case is the clothing and footwear industry which since the 1970's has been facing increased competition from low wage countries. By now mass production of clothes and footwear has almost completely disappeared from Western Europe.

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You can read the Working papers
The social impact of reallocation of economic activities, Jakob Roland Munch & Ingo Geishecker & Holger Görg here


Do Labour Market Institutions Matter? Micro-level Wage Effects of International Outsourcing in Three European Countries Ingo Geishecker, Holger Görg, Jakob Roland Munch. EPRU Working Paper Series, 2007-03, 2007 here

Tou can read the Journal article:
Do labour market institutions matter? Micro-level wage effects of international outsourcing in three European countries, Jakob Roland, Munch, Ingo Geischecker & Holger Görg, Review of World Economics, 2010, vol. 146, nr. 1 pp. 179-198 here