Patenting behavior and the creation and diffusion of knowledge

Forskningsenhed: CEBR

We want to pursue two related projects. Both will focus on the role of the patent system and the interactions between firms in the process of knowledge creation and knowledge diffusion in society. The first project will empirically investigate the use of strategic patenting behavior – as opposed to “pure” knowledge creation ‐ among Danish firms and its potentially adverse effects on innovation. The second project asks if spill‐overs to other firms of knowledge created by research and development (R&D) are mainly technological or pecuniary: Pecuniary spill‐overs arise when workers possessing valuable information receive a wage increase either to attract or to retain them; technological spill‐overs are “pure externalities” to other firms often cited as the key source of economic growth and social welfare in the long run.

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You van read the journal article Does the mobility of R&D labor increase innovation? Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization,vol. 110, pp.91-105, febr. 2015, Ulrich Kaiser, Hans Christian Kongsted & Thomas Rønde here