Dishonesty and Self‐Selection into Public Administration in Denmark

Forskningsenhed: EPRU

Corruption and other types of dishonest behavior in public administration impose large costs on our society. Policy makers and researchers have therefore long been looking for answers to the question: what drives public sector dishonesty and why do some countries have very high levels of corruption, while others do not? Traditionally,research on corruption and public sector dishonesty has focused on how institutional rules affect the costs and benefits of engaging in dishonest behavior. Recently,however, a new possible factor has been proposed, which can explain the level of public sector dishonesty: the types of people WHO are recruited and Work within public administration.In particular, recent research suggests that in high-­‐corruption countries, inherently dishonest people are more likely to seek employment in public administration. The implication of this is that the high levels of public sector dishonesty observed in some countries may be explained by the self-­‐selection of more dishonest individuals into public sector jobs in these countries.

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